Autumn carp fishing in Slovenia

Fall is our favourite time of a year! For carp fishing, it is even better. If we manage to find perfect water with nice fish and do a proper strategy, we may expect some beautiful catches. Autumn carps are hungry since they are preparing for the long and cold winter.

In Slovenia, there are quite a few interesting waters, some of them in the Pannonian basin, others in the Alpine region and a few in the Mediterranean area. In the lesser, one of the best places known, among Slovene and Italian anglers also, is lake Vogrscek.

Located in the warm area near Trieste, it offers great carp atmosphere which is suitable for autumn and winter fishing as well. The lake is quite large and offers amazing scenery and nice and healthy fish.

In our opinion, the best time for fishing at lake Vogrscek is in spring and autumn. Make a reservation and do not miss this hot spot on the map of best carp fisheries in this part of Europe! To buy the license, click HERE.

Check out the gallery of recent catches:

2 thoughts on “Autumn carp fishing in Slovenia

  1. Andreas

    Hello Slowenian Carpers,

    you have a lovely homepage! I am Andreas Karrer from Graz, Austria and a carp angler for 30 years. I have like to fish in Slovenja too and as I have a friend in your nice country, he told me lake Vogresek is a lake where I have to fish one day. And I would like to do it someday. Would you be so kind to tell me your oppionion which is the better time to be there? In spring ( May ) oder better in the autumn ( October ).

    It would be very friendly from you to give me an answer.

    Best regards

  2. Jure

    Hi Andreas, thanks for the reply! We sent you an email with detailed info. Let’s stay in touch!

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