Some ideas on how to store carp rigs

Rainy afternoons are a great opportunity to stock up on fishing gear and clean the small tackle we need throughout the year. In addition to the recent cleaning of the …

Alternative bait for carp fishing

Have you ever heard that raisins can be used for fishing? If not, I tell you that I did not even know about it myself, too. But years ago, during one of my many fishing days, I encountered an older fisherman who used it in his feed for feeding.

Autumn carp fishing in Slovenia

Fall is our favourite time of a year! For carp fishing, it is even better. If we manage to find perfect water with nice fish and do a proper strategy, …

Big carp from Smartinsko lake

The lake Šmartinsko jezero is the current record holder for the biggest (heaviest) carp ever caught in Slovenia which weighs 34,60 kg.