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All public districts are open for fishing – rivers, ponds and lakes. Perfect freedom of fishing! See the top fishing districts:

Smartinsko lake

The lake Šmartinsko jezero is the current record holder for the heaviest carp ever caught in Slovenia (34,60 kg). It was caught and released in November 2013. More about the lake | See more districts

Gajsevsko lake

You can find large quantities of carps here which spawn very succesfully last few years. The number of young fish is huge and we also put in extra quantities every year. More about the lake | See more districts

Slivnisko lake

Large lake with interesting fishing possibilities: many different fish species such as carp, grass carp, silver bream, carp, asp, ide, chub, tench, crucian carp, carp and perch. More about the lake | See more districts

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