Some ideas on how to store carp rigs

Rainy afternoons are a great opportunity to stock up on fishing gear and clean the small tackle we need throughout the year. In addition to the recent cleaning of the fishing room, we also arranged a stockpile of rigs for catching carp. How to do that?

A well-organized sports angler makes sure that his fishing gear is stored and stacked in boxes, bags, and other organizational units. Arranged supplies save him time when looking for them, and tidy equipment is also better protected and lasts longer (the fisherman also saves a lot of money, not only with existing equipment but also with better use of the mono, bait, etc.). Not to mention the look 😊 Tidying up is, therefore, worth it.

It pays off to have two wallets. In the first, we should store the already made rigs, and in the second also the most necessary tackle so that the rigs can be made on the spot, by the water. The box for storing the rigs should be large enough, magnetic details & pins with which we attach the rig to the foam will also help, and maybe also a scale that will help us to measure the length of each rig.

There is a lot of boxes and wallets for storing rigs and supplies for making them in stores. Prices are affordable, so they should definitely not be missing in the accessories of an organized angler.

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