What is a trophy fish?

When the word is spoken about the trophy, fishermen are mostly critical only when the trophy is evaluated. In the case of catching a big fish, we often loose our judgment. Under the influence of joy and happiness, we attach a higher trophy value to the fish than it actually would have deserved.

In order for fish trophies to be able to compare each other, we had to impart some measurable value to fish, which is today most often in the form of the length and weight of the specimen. Let’s think: Even if we do not talk about our catch, we often take a look at how we value the caught fish. We are sorting them according to the principles that are close to us, most often so that we can compare them with other fishermen – friends. We attach a numerical value to them and sort them by size, since this is the easiest way to understand the dimensions of the catch.

But not everything is in centimeters and kilograms, which is often emphasized! Above we have written that the fish is most often attributed to the trophy value based on the measured length and weight. But some fishermen also describe the value of the catch in other ways. Some fishermen appreciate fish caught in a certain way, with a certain bait (for example, dry fly or home-made boilies). Others do abnormal methods, such as fishing catfish with a fly tackle. Thus we arrive at the conclusion that the trophic value of fish is difficult to determine if it is strictly not prescribed. This can only be done numerically (with numbers), and so we may do injustice to many caught fish (and their happy anglers).

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