Is corn a number 1 carp bait?

I often ask myself how to properly prepare maize (corn) for carp fishing. In the following words, I would like to describe how I prepare it myself. I use the way that my father showed me when I was a child, but of course, I changed my preparation and processing in my own way. Let’s go!

Those who have maize at home do not have problems, but for others, I recommend that you buy and do it yourself. You can get corn in some agricultural cooperatives or in a better-stocked pet shop. Maize is cheap and it remains good if we protect it from rodents and other animals. It’s a bait that has been functioning for centuries and will continue to work. The fish just adore it.

I put the soaked corn into a large pot and make sure that there is enough water, the corn must be covered and placed on the stove. Cover the pot that the water does not evaporate too quickly, and if necessary, add a little water while cooking. I recommend that you set the temperature to a little more than a medium so that the maize will slowly start cooking and not boil too fast. Cooking time depends on the corn itself, but it usually takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then I leave the maize alone and let it slowly cool down. When it is cooled, I put it back in plastic buckets along with the liquid in which it is cooked, add sugar or some other sweetener or aroma and close it well. I put it somewhere in a moderately warm place and let it stand for another day or two, sometimes longer.

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