Rice boilies with cinnamon

The idea for this simple and inexpensive recipe was born when I prepared milk rice for the daughter. As we all know, the carps also admire the smell of cinnamon, …

Is corn a number 1 carp bait?

I often ask myself how to properly prepare maize (corn) for carp fishing. In the following words, I would like to describe how I prepare it myself. I use the way that my father showed me when I was a child, but of course, I changed my preparation and processing in my own way. Let’s go!

Reserve your fishing place for carp fishing

The most popular districts, namely lake Vogrscek and Smartinsko lake, get more visitors every year. At the first lake, the visit is limited, as the water level fluctuates. On the latter, there is also …

Alternative bait for carp fishing

Have you ever heard that raisins can be used for fishing? If not, I tell you that I did not even know about it myself, too. But years ago, during one of my many fishing days, I encountered an older fisherman who used it in his feed for feeding.

Autumn carp fishing in Slovenia

Fall is our favourite time of a year! For carp fishing, it is even better. If we manage to find perfect water with nice fish and do a proper strategy, …