One of the best carp fishing districts in Slovenia is …

Šmartinsko lake! The lake is located in central Slovenia, therefore it is an excellent starting point for fishermen from all neighbouring countries.

The Šmartinsko lake is the current record holder for the biggest (heaviest) carp ever caught in Slovenia which weighs 34,60kg. It was caught and released in November 2013.

The Šmartinsko lake was created in 1970. It can be reached from various directions and spreads on 113 ha of water surfaces – that makes it one of the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia. The average depth is somewhere between 4 and 6m and it was measured in the vicinity of the peninsula Brezova. The water near the dam and the barrier is between 8 and 9m deep.

The lake is home to carps, white grass carps, grey silver carps, tenches, common rudds, roaches, bleaks, common breams, silver breams, catfish, zanders and pikes.

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